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Hawaii-based French artist Pierre Fichefeux roots his work in philosophy and cosmology, seeking order in the chaotic forces of nature. His art includes a variety of mediums, from painting, print and sculpture to interactive or site-specific installations. Pier’s work has been exhibited in galleries throughout Europe, Asia and the US.

Pier Fichefeux
Born in 1976 in France, live and works in Hawaii (USA)

Solo Show

2022 "when we live in the garden of rock" id space, kurtistown, Hawaii
2012 Pier Fichefeux, Louise Alexander Gallery, Paris, France
2010 Pier Fichefeux, Point Éphémère, Paris, France
2007 Pier Fichefeux, Bodhi Gallery, London, United Kingdom
2007 Ugly Beautiful People, La Sette Chiese Gallery, Bologna, Italy

Group Show

2023 ANIMA, CLOR collective, MACC sheaffer international gallery

2021 Art and Anarchy, Volcano art center, Hawaii

2021 Tiger in a Tropical Storm, Louise Alexander Gallery, Porto Cervo, Italy

2020 Remains, EHCC big island ,Hawaii

2019 REVELATION Venice Faktory, Venice Italy
2012 Past and present, Louise Alexander Gallery, Porto Cervo, Italy
2012 Grand Palais, Art Paris, Louise Alexander Gallery, Paris, France
2012 The Rabbit Hole, NYC, USA
2008 Lukomira, Colonie de Lukomira, Bosnia
2007 Ambassade Neretva, Colonie de Jajce, Bosnia
1996 Art Brussels, Sculptures, Brussels, Belgium
1996 Galerie St. Eustache, Paris, France

Other activities

2003 - 2005 Consulting for FABRICA - Benetton, Trévise, Italy
United Bamboo, print based on his paintings for 2009-2011 collections
Louis Vuitton, 150st birthday, “Les Saisons” animation movie
Fabrica Virtuale, video game - Centre Georges Pompidou Museum “Les Yeux ouverts” Paris, France
Noir, portraits book, éd. Electa
Hôtel particulier, Interactive installation, Paris, France
Drugstore Publicis, wall painting and installation, Paris, France


The Sourcebook of Contemporary Illustration MAOMAO publication
Citizen K
Creative Review
Illustration (Japan)
Madame Figaro (Japan)
Corriere della Sera

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+1 808 491 95 68

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